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Soccer, Cross Country and Basketball, what doesn’t this boy do.  Oh right, play football, but he is the team waterboy.  When he thinks fall, there are no leaves falling from Marks Camera 247.jpgtrees, there’s only balls flying through the air.  So here’s a summary of Fall 2009 through Andrews eyes.

Cross Country was a blast.  Andrew was challenged in every meet and improved consistently through the season.   How happy he was to cross the finish line and celebrate a good run.  One of his best friends was also on the team, so it was also social hour.  He finished at championships in 50th place.  The course at Coopers Lake starts with a nice hill that is about ¼ mile long, once the kids make it to the top most have used up their energy.  But not little Schnarre, he maintained a nice steady pace the whole race through.  I think he even surprised himself how good he felt when he finished.  There was only one other 3rd grader ahead of him and five 4th graders.  Once he heard this news, he realized how good his time was.   At age 8 he ran 1.8 miles in 13:42.   Just imagine what he will be able to do once he grows a few inches.  What a run. 

Of course, all this running is getting him in great shape for soccer.  Having strong legs and great endurance, the coach knows Andrew can go in the game and keep on going.  He reminds me of that pink bunny that keeps going and going.  Andrew is so much fun to watch on the field.  He sets his eye on the ball and whoosh, he’s off opponents beware.  The Piranhas, affectionately called “the fighting fish” by the coach, have only lost 2 games.  It has been an awesome season with a wonderful coach.  Next year, if he Marks Camera 452.jpgdoesn’t play football, he will join the ranks of travel team.   His footwork is getting better and better every game.  Look out Beckham, Schnarre is on his way. 

Now as you read above, Andrew became one of the waterboys for the Ironmen.  This was not a job he took lightly.  He almost went on a weightlifting regime so that he would be able to carry the water bottles onto the field.  The team recruited another boy to help out.  At the beginning of the game when the bottles are full, they may weigh more than Andrew.  He was trying so hard to carry the bottles as fast as he could to the boys on the field before the time out was over. 

The wolves are calling now, basketball season is upon us and Andrew will be playing with most of his buddies.  This is a season he has really been looking forward to and he can’t wait to take to the court. 

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