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images/154She shoots and scores…. Emily puts it in the goal to put the strikers up by one.  Soccer has been very exciting this fall for Em.  The team seems to have really gelled this year.  They seem to be able to read each other’s minds and end up at the right place at the right time.  Emily really enjoys playing midfield, which for those of you who don’t know soccer, it is the position that runs all over.  There are games that I get tired just watching her.  The team is having a winning season which is not something we are used to.  It is so much more fun to watch the girls come off the field with smiles and high fives than with their heads down.  I wish I had a video to post, but for those who know me at sporting events, you wouldn’t see much of the game, you would probably see her feet and the grass, since I am cheering so loud and jumping up and down.  For Emily’s sake, I have stopped filming sporting events. 



And now to introduce our Girls Varsity Cross Country Team……Emily Schnarre.  Try as she may, Emily could not talk any of her friends into running cross country this season, so she was the whole Girls Varsity Team.  It really worked to her advantage.  The pressure seemed to be off and she could just concentrate on her run, and what a great runner she has become.  The original intent of having her run cross country was to use this as conditioning for other sports, but running has quickly become a love of hers.  She placed 60th in the championship meet and beat a girl from another team that she really wanted to beat.  It was a successful day for her.  images/066.jpg

5K’s this year, 10K next year.  Emily ran her 1st 5K this summer in the Grandparents run in Zelienople.  Em really took advantage of the fact that it was the grandparents run and had her Grandma Miller run/walk the race too.  It was a great day and fun was had by all participants, and what great memories she will have of that race.  Another first for her was the Great Race.  On Sept 25, 2009, Emily participated in the Great Race 5K in Pittsburgh.  For this one, she got her mother to do it with her.  What an inspiring race.  This may have been the race that gave Emily the racing bug.  She is planning a run on Thanksgiving day, the Gobblers Gallop, and she has plans for next year.

Emily is planning to run another run before Thanksgiving.  The official name is “Let’s get Dirty” better known to us as the Slippery Rock Mud run.  Again, she hasn’t been able to find a friend to run this 5K with her, but we will find someone.  This race is exactly what is sounds like, a run in the mud.  I have no doubt that she will have fun.  She is looking for a buddy that will not let her get stuck in the muck, any volunteers?

Basketball season is about to start and her buddies are ready to take it to the court.  Go Wolves!!


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