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Miller/Lang Family Picnic

July 26, 2009


Andrew catching some fish in the pond.This is one of his favorite things to do when we go to Uncle Wesís house in the summer.†† I know he is not the only one.Having a stocked pond really adds to the number of fish he can catch.I donít think he threw the line without catching a fish.Matthew also enjoyed catching and releasing the fish, however, as you can see by the fish on the ground, touching the fish is not something either of the boys liked.I do believe they get this from their Mother.Eww.




Emily took some time to relax with Sammy.The swings are a favorite place for everyone to sit and chat.What I wonder is how did a young girl and her little dog get this prized location?†† I know, that dog looks pretty fierce,but I do think itís the owner you need to beware of, we all know what pre-teen girls are like.Where are the other dogs?I do believe that they are planning a sneak attack, but I donít think any dogs enjoy themselves more than when they have all that room to run and play.



Please remember to mark your calendars for next year July 25, 2010. I would really like to have a family tree to post next year so we are all able to figure out how we are related.If you have a picture and any portion of a family tree to submit, I would appreciate any help.I am planning to set up some information on this site when I have moreinformation.

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