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Kathy has had a whirlwind fall.  Soccer, Cross Country, Football and Dance, and none of these are my activities.  There are days that I am not sure if I am coming or going, or heaven forbid, was I supposed to pick someone else up?  Did I remember to get a ride for, wait, what kid needed a ride to where.  Calgon take me away.  So that just about summed up my fall.  Oh ok, let me running around, I have found new places that have wi-fi capabilities.  fill in some details.Marks Camera 180.jpg

If you think my kids are busy, who do you think gets them from point A to point B.  ME.  Mark does take care of Football.  So a little taste of my schedule would be Mon – Cross country and Andrew Soccer, Tues and Thurs are Cross Country meets (Tues away Thurs Home).  Wednesday is dance and soccer and Friday only holds soccer practice.  Saturdays are Andrews soccer games and Sundays are Emily’s soccer games.  Did I miss something?  No I didn’t have to worry about football. 

Among all of this running around, I have work issues to maintain.  For a seasonal business, I certainly receive an unusual amount of calls through the off season.  I guess it’s better to receive phone calls than to not hear from anyone all offseason and wonder whether or not they are going to return next year.  I am hoping this next tax season runs more smoothly than last year.  While the business still seems to be growing, there are still a lot of kinks to iron out. 

Thanks to my daughter, and my boys that are fast runners, I did my first 5K this Fall.  Emily wanted to run the Great Race in Pittsburgh.  This event has around 2,200 runners and the race ends in Point State Park.  Now being a good mom, I did not want her to do this event alone and after searching far and wide, none of her friends wanted to run it either.  That left me.  Ok, I can do this.  I finished the race and enjoyed myself, the weather was cold and wet and we had no protection from the rain.  By the time we finished, Emily and I were both soaked to the bone, but we had a blast.  Mark and the boys met us at the finish line as a surprise.  Of course we all had to leave fairly quickly, because Em had a soccer game and Matthew had Football.    I am planning to run the Gobblers Gallop 5K on Thanksgiving morning.  I even have someone to “babysit” the turkey.  Andrews pics 068.jpg

As I mentioned earlier, I do need Calgon to take me away, but since that isn’t going to happen, I am going on a wine tour with a group from my church.  We are going to the Finger Lakes for two days of tours and wine tasting.  I really think this is the getaway that I need.


There’s no place like Home.