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Hey coach!I think thatís what Mark should start going by.This fall Mark has started to help the Ironmen as one of the assistant coaches.I know that his passion is Football, so it is a lot of fun for him.Since this is the first season for this football team, everyone had a lot of preseason work to do.The team needed everything, including a name and team color.But this amazing group of guys pulled it off and put together a terrific team.There are 38 boys on this team, grades 3-6.†† One of the hardest parts of coaching these boys is keeping them focused during the game.The team practices Tues, Wed, Thurs and Sat morning.Then of course, there is the game film to watch, some games are Marks Camera 430.jpgmore fun to watch than others, but you can learn from all of the games. As you can see, Mark is very proud of Matthew.He is so excited that Matthew wanted to play football, and the fact that Matthew is a starter and gets to play the whole game really makes him smile.

This is the time of year that Coachís time starts to get limited.Basketball is about to start and there are preseason meetings and e-mails to get sent to parents.Practice times need to be arranged and he is still coaching football.This year Mark will be coaching the girls Varsity Girls team.He has 9 girls returning from last year, and there are 2 other girls from the 8th grade that he coached 2 years ago.We are hoping for good things this year, but the girls really just want to have fun.†††††††††GO WOLVES!!

We know that we have truly been blessed with three healthy children who are active.I donít think Mark would know what to do with a child who didnít want to do anything except video games.


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