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What we did on our summer vacation:

The Schnarre family didnít take a long family vacation this year.In fact, we took short trips.

Cedar Point Ė Sandusky OH Ė( ) After the family reunion, we joined my brother Ed and his family and my parents on a fun filled 3 day 2 night trip to lovely Sandusky Ohio.The trip started with a ride on the Demon Drop.From there, the trip is just a whirlwind of rides.We rode all but 2 of the roller coasters, but there were definitely enough coasters to go around.Grandma and Pappap had a good time too.Although, they didnít ride all the rides, they fun for them was watching the grandkids on the rides.Grandma got lost once, she accidentally got off the train at the wrong stop and had no idea where she needed to go to meet up with everyone.Matthew also had a rough day as he started to feel sick and ended up in the first aid center.After some fluids and crackers and air conditioning Matthew was back to normal and ready to take on more rides.

Andrews pics 055.jpgWhile the kids were enjoying the rides, Mom and Dad enjoyed the fact that the kids had cousins to ride with.One of the nicest things about going to amusement parks with Edís family is that his three kids and our three kids like to ride together and switch partners depending on the ride.

Here is a picture of the whole daring Crew.It looks like everyone is having a good time, even Snoopy.Emily loved climbing to the top of his head, while Matthew took hold of an arm and Andrew sat right on his leg.Sarah has Snoopyís other arm, Terri has, well I donít think anything and Max is hanging with the Grandparents.Try not to look to long at this picture, you may see it at Christmas too.

Hershey PA ††

The sweetest place on earth.†† The beginning of August brought about a short family trip to Hershey PA.Well, really we stayed in Elizabethtown, but most people donít know where that is. The family needed to have some quiet time together just us.We all enjoy a campground there and the kids couldnít wait to get there.We only spent one evening at Hershey Park, however, since we have been there so often, everyone knew what rides they wanted to go on, so that was what we hit.The park was very busy and after riding so many rides at Cedar Point, we were all ok with just riding a few rides and enjoying the park.

Another place the kids really enjoy is Cherry Crest Farms.This farm has a 5 acre corn maze and we try each year to improve our time.This years theme was VisitPa and the whole corn maze was shaped like the state of PA.As the kids get older, we find that it is a little easier to get through the maze and there is so much less stress.There is so much to do at this farm that we spent over 6 hours just hanging around and playing.It was the one thing this family needed.

Andrews pics 058.jpgAndrews pics 035.jpgMarks Camera 393.jpgMarks Camera 397.jpg

††† Where we should always keep her.††† †††††††††††††Andrew at the top of the Ferris Wheel.†††††††††††† The Bears Den, Hershey PA†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Itís been a long trip, Good Night.