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Future Vacation Trips



Marks Camera 491.jpgOk, now I know that we had Hershey on our list of where we went this summer, but the kids enjoy going during different times of the year.Right now, since we donít know when we can go anywhere, the kids have suggested going to Hershey after Christmas this year.We did this one other time and they really enjoyed it.The Park has limited rides open, but the lodge is so warm and cozy.

This is a picture of the kids at the Hershey Lodge.We went this summer and had to go to the lodge to eat at the Hershey Bear restaurant.The fireplace wasnít as much fun when it wasnít lit.I donít know why they didnít have it lit, it was only 80 degrees.


P1060700.JPGI know where I want, or it might very well be a need, to go.†† I need sun, sand and warm air.The kids are also looking for a nice ocean vacation.We are thinking of going to Florida to visit Marks parents, his sister, brother and his family.It has been a while since we have been there and I think we could all use a little time together.

Next summer we are hoping to get a place in the Outer Banks.We are looking for a few families to share a place with us.We are pretty easy to get along with, we really like to just hang around the beach and/or pool and go out to dinner every once in a while.How is that for a sales pitch.

We also are hoping to visit more family in this next year.A trip to Fairfax, Virginia is long overdue.I want the kids to see DC and some take in some historical sites.We also owe Markís brother Andy a visit in Atlanta, GA.He has lived there to many years and we have not seen his place yet.Emilyís goal is to try to get him into the American Girl Boutique.†† I think that would be a good time.



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