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Marks Camera 432.jpg††††††††† Matthew

Go Ironmen!!  No Iím not talking about those crazy tri-athletes.I am talking about the North Pittsburgh Catholic Ironmen Football team.This is the first year for the team and we have been very proud of our boys.This team is comprised of 5 different schools in our area and has been a really great experience for all the kids.Matthew has started every game and has shown his mother that he can take care of himself out on the field.Matthew plays all 60 minutes of the game, he is a wing back and a free safety.It is amazing when he gets the ball and is able to get through a hole is the line and then look out!!!Matthew can take off like a rocket.With just one game left, the boys have shown that they are a force to be dealt with.Although the season did not go as planned, it is possible to end the season with a 4-4 record.We are looking forward to next season.

Cross Country has also been very successful for speedy.Although he was only able to run in the home meets, due to football practice, he did very well in all the meets.The course is two miles through Zelienople community park.Usually, Matthew would win, but he didnít race against all the teams so he had no idea how he would fair at Championships.That meet was very exciting, he placed 13th out of 230 runners at the Championship race.The weather this year was perfect for running, cool, not cold and snowy as we have had in the past.To see the results of the race go to click on race results.The race was on Oct 3, 2009.You can also check on results for Emily and Andrew there too.

As if Matthew doesnít have enough going on, Basketball is starting this week.The team is going to be big this year and so we donít know how much playing time each boy will get, but itís about playing with his friends and having fun.It seems as though basketball season just ended.

Marks Camera 293.jpg

Here is Matthew and his dad before a big game.There is much debate as to who has had more fun this season, Father or Son.We all enjoy watching the games the first time around but these two watch the games over and over.How many times can you watch the same play, well it depends on the hit.